Highways, Emergency and Environment Committee

The main areas of responsibility of this committee are: –

  • Monitoring the condition of footpaths, footways, roads, water courses, road signs and street furniture. Problems that cannot be dealt with locally are reported to the relevant authorities for their attention.
  • Making arrangements for litter collection on the council owned play areas, graffiti removal where possible, and liaising with other authorities regarding issues that affect the village such as anti-social behaviour.
  • Producing the Parish Council Emergency Plan and liaising with the Environment Agency, Coventry & Warwickshire Flood advisory group and other relevant emergency authorities.
  • Overseeing the work of the Lengthsman on behalf of five local Parishes including Wellesbourne & Walton, financed by a grant from Warwickshire County Council. This permits him to undertake work on County Council owned land on behalf of the County Council. Work carried out by the Lengthsman includes vegetation clearance, installation of bollards, cleaning of the underpass, gullies, road signs and graffiti removal.
  • Coordinating the council’s response to the climate emergency.