Wellesbourne Conservation Area

Wellesbourne contains one of 75 Conservation Areas in the Stratford-on-Avon district. These are defined as “areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character and appearance of which is desirable to preserve and enhance”. The Wellesbourne Conservation Area was set up in 1969 and expanded in 1993, with the intended purpose of protecting the quality and special interest of the neighbourhood as a whole.

The boundary of the Wellesbourne Conservation Area can be seen in a leaflet produced by Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council. The Parish Council office also has paper copies of the leaflet.

More about the consequences of living in a Conservation Area, as well as the boundary of the Wellesbourne Conservation Area, can also be found on the Stratford District Council (SDC) website.

While our village has expanded a great deal over the past few decades, the centre has retained much of its original character with meadows and green spaces flanking the course of the River Dene through the heart of the village and where many impressive listed buildings can still be found, which add to the overall beauty of our surroundings.

What does living in the Conservation Area mean for you?

Within a Conservation Area constraints apply relating to your property and garden area.

The Local Authorities have powers under planning legislation to control the type and extent of changes in a Conservation Area that might be allowed in other locations without planning permission i.e. switching from wooden to UPVC windows, adding external cladding, putting up a satellite dish or vents etc. Basically anything that changes the kerbside view requires permission to be sought from the Conservation Officer, at the Stratford on Avon District Council Planning Office.

Furthermore, anyone proposing to cut down or carry out any work on trees in a Conservation Area must give the District Council Planning Office at least six weeks’ notice of their intentions and seek permission to proceed.

Other areas that might be subject to additional planning controls include the layout of boundaries and pathways, the appearance of street furniture such as installing signs, and any design change to buildings and shops including the type and style of building materials.

Failure to get permission can result in a substantial fine and an order to return the property to its original state and in the case of trees an order to replace them with equivalent trees!

The Parish Council has a Working Group to monitor developments within the Conservation Area but would encourage you to seek advice from the Stratford District Council Planning Officer prior to carrying out any work on your property, including the trees, gardens and boundaries. The Working Group would welcome your views and contributions as to how we may improve this important part of the village.

If you wish to raise any questions or seek help on any points then please call Stratford District Council or the Parish Council by at the numbers shown below.

The Clerk to the Parish Council 01789 841434
The Planning Office, Stratford District Council 01789 267 575