Mark Keogh-Bywater, Wellesbourne East and Walton

Councillor Mark Keogh-Bywater

Email: Cllr.Keoghbywater@wellesbourneandwalton-pc.gov.uk
Tel: 07766 748904
Address: 75 Willow Drive, Wellesbourne, CV35 9RX

Register of Interests

I have live in Wellesbourne for 37 years, in which time I have married and helped bring up my two boys, who are now at high school. I grew up in the village, going to the local primary school and then on to Kineton High. Whilst at high school I used to work in the local butchers, A & K Russell, part time.

When I left school I worked for Munster Joinery and then On-Time Automotive where I qualified as a vehicle repair and paint technician. I’ve spent the last 15 years working for the local water authority, looking after the area’s sewage treatment works and pump stations.

I have been on the Parish Council before back in 2004-5 and, at the time, I was the youngest Councillor in Warwickshire and I’m looking forward to serving the community again.