Dene Meadow Nature Reserve Opening

We will be opening Dene Meadow Nature Reserve on Monday, 28th. August at 11am.

As you are aware, this land has been leased to the Parish Council and the residents of Wellesbourne and Walton for 125 years. Sir Andrew Hamilton Has been invited to open it.

The area is meadow and has had some reseeding done this year. We are opening before the first cut of the meadow so that you will see what has happened and what will happen. You will also be able to walk through the coppice which has a marked path and has been underplanted with snowdrops, bluebells and primroses which should look amazing in the Spring and also walk along the side of the Dene.

You will be able to see the gifted land which has been cut ready for the Community Orchard to be planted towards the end of September. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Community Orchard, please let me know.

The meadow will remain open for you all to enjoy, to sit in quiet and enjoy all around you. You may see the pheasants and the deer who visit the site as well as other creatures.

This is a wonderful space to sit in peace.